8 IN 1 Abdominal Trainers Push Ups Workout Beauty Waist Machine Height Adjustable Sit-up Exerciser Home Trainer Dumbbell Bench


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IN 1 Abdominal Trainers Push Ups Workout Beauty Waist Machine Height Adjustable
Sit-up Exerciser Home Trainer Dumbbell Bench


Multiple exercise modes: This abdominal trainer trains your entire body,
allowing you to do sit-ups, target and tone those inner thighs and do assisted
push-ups while working your core at the same time. Great for exercising
different parts of your body at home or in the office, burning calories,
building muscle and building a good figure.

Heavy constructio: The structure use a durable powder coated steel frame, this
bench’s structure is built for stability and durability. Its stabilized design,
contoured foam roller pads, high-density foam, and upholstery provide best support and comfort.

Height-adjustable: Designed with multiple adjustable heights for users to put
their legs on, it is very convenient for people of different heights to adjust
between different heights to achieve the most comfortable position, targeting on
thigh, crus and Abdominal muscle to maximize Improve exercise efficiency. You
can set the adjustable seat and backrest up in different positions to
accommodate incline, decline, flat, or military exercises. The backrest acts as
a soft cushion that supports your back to help minimize fatigue.

Whole body exercise: Designed for full body exercise at home, this versatile
exercise machine can be used to target multiple groups, such as the abdominals,
hamstrings, triceps, biceps, and quads. Pair it with a dumbbell, fitness cage or
use it with free weights.

Comfortable fitness: This fitness gear has soft foam roller pads that helps
cushion your legs while performing ab exercises. It features high-density
upholstery that facilitates a comfortable workout.

Compact design: This luxurious and versatile fitness machine has an ergonomic
structure to enhance your exercise experience, and its space-saving design
allows it to fit in your house without taking up too much space. Size: 52 X 15 X
35 Inches.


Item Name: Multifunctional fitness machine
Material: Steel / PU / Foam
Max Weight Capacity: 660Lbs
Product Expand Size: 52L x 15W x 35H Inches
Product Folding Size: 53.6L x 15W x 14H Inches
Product weight: 31 Lbs
Package Size: 49 x 15.6 x 10.2 Inches
Package Weight: 34.1 Lbs

Package Includes:

1 x Multifunctional Fitness Machine

Additional information

Weight 16.01 lbs
Dimensions 390 × 390 × 255 in



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