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Product information:

Material; pine wood
Style; pattern
Item number; canvas painting core/frameless painting/framed painting customization
Material of outer frame; inner frame of imported pine wood
Core material; canvas
Decorative painting classification; modern decorative painting
Decorative painting size; 50*70
Decorative painting process; spray painting
Specifications; painting core inkjet (cross-border special oil painting canvas), painting core + frame (pine inner frame) including painting core
Size: 10*15cm, 15*20cm, 20*20cm, 20*30cm, 30*30cm, 30*40cm, 30*45cm, 30*50cm, 30*60cm, 35*50cm, 40*40cm, 40*50cm, 40*60cm,40*80cm,45*60cm,50*50cm,50*60cm,50*66cm,50*70cm,50*75cm,50*80cm,50*90cm,50*100cm,60*60cm,60* 80cm,60*90cm,60*100cm,60*120cm,70*70cm,70*100cm,70*105cm,70*140cm,80*80cm,80*100cm,80*120cm,90*90cm,100*100cm, Drawing core carton, more than 40cm drawing core carton
Space; living room
Shape: rectangle

Packing list:

Canvas painting*1

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 in

20x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 50x70cm, 60x80cm, 60x90cm, 70x100cm


Style1, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7


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