BLUNTLIFE 10.5″ Handmade Incense (3 Pack Variety Assortment)


  • Incense Hand-Dipped in the USA
  • 10 total sticks of incense per pack
  • Maximum 2 duplicate scents on single orders
  • No specific scents are guaranteed due to manufacturing variations in shipments. The scents shown in the photo are an example of scents you may receive in our multipacks.BluntLife hand-dips these strong, perfumed incense sticks in the USA. With a wide variety of scents and over 20 years experience in the fragrance industry, this popular brand has a scent for everyone.
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Product Description 
Brand  Bluntlife


This scent is formulated with aromas that can be compared to one or more popular fragrances – which is why the word TYPE is used. This scent is not affiliated with any brand or mark other than the manufacturer’s brand name. For any further information, please contact the manufacturer directly. Mai Tai’s, LLC is not affiliated with any parties mentioned above.