Folding dumbbell stool Adjustable Bench Exercise Bench Sit-ups Fitness


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Folding dumbbell stool
Adjustable Bench Exercise Bench Sit-ups Fitness


  • Dumbbell stool can be
    adjusted from multiple angles: Dumbbell stool can be adjusted in multiple
    positions and multiple gears to exercise in all directions and adjust
    multiple angles to meet the needs of different people. Meet your fitness
    needs and stay strong at all times.
  • Weightlifting bed is
    suitable for indoor or outdoor use: Dumbbell stool is made of more stable
    and durable high-quality steel. The rear bracket adopts double  support design, which has obvious stability. The seat cushion is made of
    comfortable and soft PU leather, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Foldable, small
    footprint: Foldable weightlifting bed can be quickly converted without
    installation. The inclined bench can be easily folded. The lever table is
    very compact and easy to assemble and store.
  • Multifunctional Fitness
    Equipment: Dumbbell bench can do abdominal muscles, dumbbell rowing,
    dumbbell bench press, dumbbell bird, stool and other ways to exercise
    yourself, long-term effective daily exercise you can exercise shoulders,
    arms, waist, hips and Feet.
  • Dumbbell stool can also
    be converted into sit-ups, abdominal muscle board, dumbbell rowing, dumbbell
    bench press, dumbbell bird, flat bench and other sports equipment to
    exercise the whole body muscles.
  • Single price, to meet
    your needs for multi-dimensional fitness. Enjoy high cost performance, you
    deserve it!
  • Multi-gear and
    multi-angle adjustment to meet various exercise modes and exercise intensity
    of different heights.
  • Four anti-skid foot
    covers for the front and rear foot tube devices, intimate and thoughtful,
    safe and anti-skid.
  • Sports foot hook foam,
    even and stable force is safer, protect the ankle, exercise more


  • Name: Dumbbell stool
  • Weightlifting bed
    material: thick foam, high-quality steel, leather cushion
  • Exercise parts: muscles
    in all parts of the body
  • Applicable people: men
    and women fitness


  • 1x English manual
  • 1x Supine stool


Additional information

Weight 14.01 lbs
Dimensions 360 × 360 × 225 in





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